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My Little Story

I’m French, I live in South of France, I’m Architect and Photographer. Two passions since my childhood.


My grandfather offered me my first camera for Christmas when I was ten, which wasn’t common at that time. A square format.

We did not necessarily have the money to buy photo films and I remember spending hours taking pictures without film, just the pleasure of framing, composing. I think this exercise, repeated for years has been a beautiful learning.


Today, we consume the photo, their numbers are unlimited, we would be tempted to take pictures without thinking, without composing. In the past, a photo had to be reflected, we had only 12 or 24 photos per film. The result could only be visible 8 to 10 days later. It was not imaginable to miss or make a photo without interest. Hence this fictional learning ... At 14 years old with all my savings kept for a long time I bought myself a camera SLR and since them I have always had with me a machine to photograph. Almost 40 years ago...


I love cities, and beautiful places. But I like to add a character, for enhance the beauty and much of the emotion sought. In my work , by my training, I’ve a certain faculty to read the differences of light.

I take pictures a bit like I would do a sketch of architecture.

In black and white, because, a I love the color photos, I think that the black and white leaves the place to emotion.


For me, it's only the emotion that makes the photo.

The emotion comes to you, if you want stay to wait for see it.

This is the longest learning ... I start to perceive ....


A black and white photo without emotion, without a story is a picture empty and sad ...

After our consciences, and thankfully, don’t react in the same way to emotions…


Photography is my passion. Always, and more than that. I feel legitimate and in my place when I have my camera with me. I'm never afraid of anything with my camera. All the stress of my very difficult job no longer exists when I take pictures.


I’m a self-taught. I feed on the work of others, the exhibitions and my failed photos.

I analyze my photos and look on each of them what I can improve on the next one.


For me, it's important to learn every day of your life.


The sharing is my guide. Who knows a model better than the model itself , 

She must be confident and show herself as she is.

Without this, it is impossible to take pictures with the desired emotion (always emotion).

My only job is to find the time and the place that best fits what we want to do ... and then we let things happen !

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